Uncivilised. Illegal. Security threat.

Labels and statistics have been used to dehumanize refugees and displaced communities around the world to justify hostile asylum policies, inhuman treatment, and direct discrimination.
Join us as More Than A Statistic takes you on a journey to destroy one stereotype at a time and rehumanize the narrative, by putting the narrative back where it belongs, with the people themselves.

Season 1

Raising awareness about the Bosnian Genocide with Georgio Konstandi 

Our Guest: Georgio Konstandi

Georgio Konstandi is a Bosnian Genocide researcher at University College London. He is the founder of the genocide education project, “Voices from the Drina“, which is creating a new educational resource for British schools and universities on the genocide against Bosniaks in Eastern Bosnia (1992-1995). He is the founder and editor of the news journal and podcast, The Scroll. He is also an activist concerned with fighting genocide denial and relativism regarding the Bosnian Genocide.

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