The Hybrid Tours

Our World Too was founded to amplify the voices of refugees and displaced communities worldwide. From our narratives and social media posts to our podcast series, More Than A Statistic, we want to change how people perceive refugees and show the humans behind the statistics and the labels.

However, we’re always looking for innovative forms of storytelling and more ways to engage new audiences. This is why we’ve partnered with independent humanitarian and travel influencer, Go Global with Sibu to create The Hybrid Tours.

About us

The Hybrid Tours is a travel company focusing on building connections between local populations and travellers. Cultural immersion is at the core of the trips, enabling travellers to experience new destinations through the eyes of local populations. As part Our World Too’s role in The Hybrid Tours, we connect with people who have lived experience of displacement, to centre their experiences and amplify their voices.

As an example, during a previous trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we met with Emir Hajdarovic President of the Association of Former Prison Camp Inmates in Mostar (Udruženje logoraša Mostar) Emir spoke to us about the siege of Mostar during the Bosnian Genocide and the hurdles survivors of the concentration camps in Mostar are still going through to fight for justice.

When the survivors left the camps, they weren’t satisfied with how the international community accepted criminals as people to negotiate with. These criminals are still holding political positions, including some of the most important political positions in BiH. The president of the HDZ used forced labour in camps but he’s still in power. We don’t accept the label of ‘victims’, we aren’t weak, and we will continue to fight for our rights and those who were oppressed then and now.

Emir Hajdarovic

Protecting the rights of displaced communities

We do not condone exploitation, disrespect or any form of saviourism when interacting with people who have lived experience of displacement. The communities and the individuals are in charge of what they share, how much they share or if they share anything at all. We aim to amplify their experiences and create global connections to show that behind the labels, statistics and dehumanising headlines, we have much more in common than politicians and the media would have us believe.

Through Co-Founding The Hybrid Tours, we hope this will contribute to rehumanising the narrative surrounding refugees and displaced communities globally. If you’re curious about our upcoming trips, visit The Hybrid Tours. You can also read feedback from our previous guests below!